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HGV Training Tips

Tip – If you are searching for hgv training in and around Newcastle you should be aware that the benefits of the Driver CPC are expected to include a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions as a result of more environmentally friendly driving.

Tip - If you are investigating hgv training in and around Newcastle it will assist you to know that new drivers from 2009 are required to undertake additional theory and practical tests for the Driver CPC programme as well as those for the vocational driving licence.

Tip – If looking into hgv training near Newcastle bear in mind that if you take your test in an automatic vehicle you will only be licensed to drive other automatic transmission vehicles.

Tip - If you are trying to find hgv training near Newcastle it might help you to know that some modern vehicles have transmission systems that include sensors that select the next gear without the driver having to press the clutch. The driver does, however, use the clutch for moving off, stopping and manoeuvring at slow speed (such as in a warehouse yard). Such vehicles are classed as manual even though the majority of driving is done in an automatic fashion.

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