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HGV Training Tips

Tip – During your time considering hgv training in and around Newcastle it is essential that you are aware it is your responsibility to notify, immediately, the DVLA if you develop and serious illness or disability that could affect your driving and is likely to last for more than three months.

Tip – While you are enquiring about hgv training in and around Newcastle you will probably need to understand that the DVLA might refuse an LGV licence application if the applicant would have serious difficulty in communicating by telephone in an emergency situation.

Tip - If you are considering hgv training near Newcastle you should be aware that you must already hold full licence to drive a rigid large goods vehicle (C1 or C) before you can apply for a provisional licence to drive an articulated vehicle (C1+E or C+E).

Tip – During looking for hgv training in and around Newcastle be sure you take account of the cost of your medical examination for your medical report. The NHS does not cover these examinations so your doctor will make a charge which you are responsible for paying. Your surgery will be able to tell you the current fee for this report.

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