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HGV Training Tips

Tip - Whilst you are considering hgv training in and around Newcastle take into account that there are strict medical standards for drivers of goods vehicles and if you are applying for your first LGV licence your doctor will need to complete a medical report about you.

Tip – When enquiring about hgv training in and around Newcastle you may wish to know that if you lose your LGV entitlements through disqualification the Courts will decide whether you will need to take an extended car test before being allowed to drive an LGV again.

Tip – During your enquiries about hgv training in and around Newcastle bear in mind that if you are driving on congested roads in built up areas you will need to drive nearer the kerb and therefore must take extra care to ensure your side mirror does not hit anyone standing or walking on the nearside kerb.

Tip - When investigating hgv training in and around Newcastle it may help you to clarify that there are four parts of the driving test for LGV drivers: Theory Test, Driver CPC case studies, practical driving test, Driver CPC practical demonstration test. Once you have passed all four parts of the test you will be issued with your DQC.

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