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HGV Training Tips

Tip - If you are considering hgv training near Newcastle you should be aware that you must already hold full licence to drive a rigid large goods vehicle (C1 or C) before you can apply for a provisional licence to drive an articulated vehicle (C1+E or C+E).

Tip - While investigating hgv training in and around Newcastle it could help you to be aware that long term health problems such as obesity and diabetes can be as a result of the sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits many professional drivers experience.

Tip - If you are investigating hgv training near Newcastle it may be useful for you to be aware that you have to be 18 years old to drive a small goods vehicle (category C1).

Tip - Whilst you are researching hgv training in and around Newcastle you will be required to have a medical examination for your doctor to complete the medical report (form D4). The report must be sent with your first licence application and a new report attached to every renewal application if you are over 45 (unless you have already sent one within the last 12 months).

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