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HGV Training Tips

Tip - While investigating hgv training in and around Newcastle it could help you to be aware that long term health problems such as obesity and diabetes can be as a result of the sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits many professional drivers experience.

Tip – While looking into hgv training in and around Newcastle you should know that over 25% of all cyclist deaths are as a direct result of collisions with LGVs.

Tip – If you are searching for hgv training in and around Newcastle you should be aware that the benefits of the Driver CPC are expected to include a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions as a result of more environmentally friendly driving.

Tip - During your time researching hgv training in and around Newcastle be aware that you could be refused a licence to drive an LGV if you suffer from epilepsy, however, if you remain seizure-free for 10 years without treatment you may be eligible for a licence with restricted entitlement.

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