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HGV Training Tips

Tip – If you are enquiring about hgv training in and around Newcastle you might like to know that for periodic CPC training a 7 hour training period is the minimum block of time into which your training can be divided, however this can be further split into two parts as long as the second part starts within 24 hours of the end of the first part (i.e. your seven hours can be done over two consecutive days)

Tip - When researching hgv training in and around Newcastle bear in mind that if you are ever convicted of certain dangerous driving offenses you will lose all LGV entitlements.

Tip - During your consideration of hgv training in and around Newcastle bear in mind that it is an offence for an operator to cause or allow a driver who needs a Driver CPC or DQC to drive without one and there are penalties for both the driver and the operator who do this.

Tip – While looking for hgv training in and around Newcastle it will be essential for you to be aware of the limited vision you will have around your vehicle due to its size and shape so you will need to be more careful about checking blind spots and using your mirrors.

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